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[Product Name] SD-KN95 (non-sterile type)

[Product Model] SD-KN95

[Scope of application] Applicable to the health care of the wearer in the general environment without the risk of body fluids and splashing.


 1. Please choose aseptic or non-sterile products according to the needs of your own use. 

2. The longest use time of this product is 72H, and the filtration efficiency will gradually decrease with

time going by. After use, it should be processed according to the requirements of hospitals and 

environmental protection departments.

 3. Please check whether the packaging is intact before use, if the packaging or mask is damaged, do 

not use. Confirm the external packaging mark, production date, and validity period before using 

it, and use it within the validity period. 

4. Use with caution if you are allergic to non-woven fabrics. 

5. If there is a significant increase in respiratory resistance during use (when breathing is difficult), the mask 

is damaged,or the mask is contaminated (when contaminated with foreign substances such as blood stains 

and droplets), it should be replaced in time

[How to wear]

1. Open the mask. Hold the ear strips while the nose clip is facing the outside.

2. Position the bottom of the mask under your chin and the nose clip against bridge of your nose.

3.Pull the ear straps behind the ear.

4. Using both hands, mould metal nose piece comfortably to shape of nose.Pinch the nose piece using one hand may resuit in less effective respirator performance.


[Product validity period] 2 year

[Company Name] Lanshan County Shendun Technology Co., Ltd.

[Company Address] No. 5, West Second Street, Xiangjiangyuan Leather & Leather Products Industrial Park, Dongfang Avenue,

 Tafeng Town, Lanshan County, Yongzhou City, Hunan Province

[Contact number] 0746-2999789

[Executive Standard] GB2626-2006


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